8th of February, 2023 -The IFO 2023 conference in Zurich aimed to explore the relationship between inclusion and democracy and justice from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. Participants were asked to go beyond the traditional framework of the education system and to present different interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse approaches. The aim was to broaden the understanding of the complex interrelationships between inclusion, democracy and justice. This comprehensive perspective should enable new insights and innovative solutions to be developed.

At the annual conference, researchers were encouraged to share their research findings and insights in order to work together towards a more inclusive and equitable social environment. In this way, the event in Zurich became an important forum for discussing the complex interplay between inclusion, democracy and justice, and provided impetus for further research and social development. The outcomes and discussions of this conference can make a valuable contribution to the promotion of inclusive structures and democratic processes, as well as to the strengthening of justice at the global level.

As our project fits very well into this framework, we had the opportunity to present it in the context of an online conference.


The 37th Annual Meeting of Inclusion Researchers (IFO 2024) on Inclusion, Resilience, and Learning Systems will be held in Graz, Austria from February 26 to March 1, 2024. Our application is in progress and we would be happy to have a presentation of our curriculum development together with our DigiCoaches.