Upskill Digital Coaches

To upskill people with disabilities to work with Primary and Secondary students on how to use technology

Digital skills and competences

To raise the labor market opportunities and employability of people with learning difficulties and disabilities

Creating new innovative course curricula

developing an accessible training programme


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About Said Project

The SAID project aims to teach people with disabilities to become School Assistants for Digital Education. Everyone has knowledge and skills to share to support inclusive learning environments. The project will work with people with learning difficulties and train them to be Digital Coaches (DigiCoaches). This will create new job opportunities for people with disabilities and make our education system more inclusive. The project also includes a new curriculum to train Digital Coaches in vocational education and a handbook for schools to support Digital Coaches in their school.

This project wants to prove that everyone has their own skills and talents that can be shared with the community.  We can learn from one another. This project focuses on including people with learning disabilities by training them to become digital coaches in learning environments like schools. The goal is to change how we think about training and employing people with disabilities, ultimately leading to a better education system.

This project helps people with learning disabilities become important team members to support school digital access to become important team members to support digital access in schools. They will introduce new skills, easy-to-use digital tools, and a fresh attitude. A big part of the project is creating a training program for this role. School Digital Coaches from Austria will be involved as advisors and help co-design the project. This shows the value of including everyone and makes the project more inclusive.