Project Result 1 – Starting Point and Perspectives


Project Result 1: Report of the Analysis Phase

Summary of the Report:

The present report focused on the involvement of individuals with learning difficulties as Digital Coaches in Austrian primary schools. From the perspective of Digital Coaches, they valued their work due to engaging and diverse activities with children but expressed a need for increased visibility and regular salaries. Communication and exchange were crucial, and some challenges included long working hours, succeeding previous Digital Coaches, and managing the emotions of the children.

Teachers and school leaders in Austria viewed Digital Coaches as crucial support that enhanced the digital and social skills of students and educators. However, challenges existed in terms of limited time for collaboration with Digital Coaches. Students perceived Digital Coaches as versatile support but were uncertain about their role in the school. The overall positive impact of Digital Coaches was clearly expressed, emphasizing the need for clear frameworks and compensation.

In Ireland, potential Digital Coaches expressed enthusiasm and appreciation for their future role, aiming to contribute positively to the learning environment. However, Irish teachers and school leaders were not familiar with the project, resulting in limited participation in the survey. Keyworkers in Ireland anticipated positive outcomes but voiced concerns about communication and interaction issues, highlighting the necessity for extensive training.

In Finland, surveyed keyworkers demonstrated a unified understanding and endorsement of training future Digital Coaches, recognizing the transformative potential of the role. The Finnish perspective highlighted positive impacts on the professional growth of Digital Coaches, suggesting that the role could not only enhance the learning environment but also promote the professional development of those engaged in it.

Project Result 2 – Curriculum and Training Programme

Currently, all partners are working on Project Result 2. While the University of Graz is developing the overall curriculum layout, atempo, Trycamps and St John of God are focusing on the content of individual modules (PR 2.1, PR 2.2, PR 2.3, and PR 2.4).

Our Curriculum and the included learning materials will be available in autumn 2024



Project Result 2.1 – Training Module 1: Digital Basic Skills

St John of God: work in progess

Learning Materials


Project Result 2.2 – Training Module 2: Media Competence


Project Result 2.3 – Training Module 3: SAID Toolbox

Trycamps: work in progress

Project Result 2.4 – Training Module 4: Social and Communicative Skills


Project Result 3 – Methodological Guidebook for Pedagogical Staff

Project Result 4 – Handbook for Schools: Guidelines for Implementation