Fifteen years after the ratification of the UN-Disability Rights Convention in Austria, LebensGroß GmbH and FZIB invited participants to a conference on September 26, 2023, to take stock of the situation. Attendees were encouraged to examine what has been achieved in Austria concerning the UN-Disability Rights Convention and to explore future prospects. The event generated significant interest, with 160 participants from various social institutions, politics, education, research, and numerous self-advocates.

Under the theme “Practice Meets Science,” current research findings were presented in seven workshops covering key topics such as employment, accessibility, education, family, partnership & sexuality, leisure, sports & culture, as well as politics & social participation. These workshops established practical connections, discussed the relationship with the UN-CRPD, and developed solutions. We had the opportunity to present our project alongside the DigiCoaches in the employment workshop, addressing the perspective as follows:

There is a need for full recognition of people with disabilities in the mainstream job market, where everyone can unfold their potential and is socially insured.